Poppyseed Market
Cakes and TortesWhite Chocolate Mousse Cake45Five layers of vanilla cake and white chocolate mousse, wrapped in white chocolate butter creamRed Velvet Cake45Five layers of decadent chocolate cake and sweetened cream cheese, covered in fine whipped cream cheese frosting and decorated with curls of dark chocolateCarrot Cake40Two layers of spiced, moist carrot cake with whipped cream cheese, covered with more whipped cream cheese frosting and crushed walnutsChocolate Sin Cake45Five layers of moist dark chocolate cake and chocolate mousse with chocolateTia Maria Cake45Five layers of coffee liquor-soaked chocolate chip cookies nestled between fresh whipped cream, covered in mocha butter cream and chocolate chipsPeanut Butter Brownie Cake45Three layers of peanut butter brownies sandwiched with peanut butter and topped with chocolate ganacheNew York Style Cheesecake25Classic cheesecake made with a graham cracker crust, served chilled with seasonal berries and whipped creamIce Box Cake45Five layers of chocolate cake with raspberry jam and whipped cream between the layers, covered in chocolate ganacheStrawberry Shortcake45Three layers of yellow cake filled with local ripe strawberries and whipped cream then smothered in more whipped creamCoconut Cake40Yellow cake brushed with coconut syrup layered with whipped cream and coconut, topped with butter cream frosting and toasted coconutCinnamon Crunch Torte40Seven layers of thin cinnamon wafers filled with whipped cream and alternating layers of strawberry jam. Topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberriesPumpkin Crunch Torte45Five layers of pumpkin crunch consisting of walnuts, vanilla wafers, brown sugar and butter with a pumpkin batter baked on top. Sweetened whipped cream between the layers.Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake35Dense with dark chocolate and topped with rich creamy chocolate mousseWhite Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake40Raspberry and white chocolate combined in a cheesecake and baked on a graham cracker crustTurtle Cheesecake35Cheesecake topped with pecans, chocolate chips and caramel on a graham cracker crustBlueberry Sour Cream Cheesecake35Blueberries baked in a cheesecake topped with sweetened sour cream and more blueberriesFlourless Raspberry Chocolate Torte35Creamy chocolate and raspberry on a macadamia and graham cracker crust